Dr SPP SPF 50 Sunscreen



Lightweight high protection against UV, IR and Blue rays with Anti oxidant properties.

• Protects against UVA/UVB, IR, blue light and particle matter
• Rich in antioxidants to battle against photoaging
• Maintains skin hydration

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Effective photo-protection is critical for healthy skin, in preventing skin cancers, reducing photo-damage, and improving aesthetic appearance. Sunscreen typically falls into two camps, chemical and physical, and dermatologists tend to recommend the latter for those with sensitive skin because it is less likely to cause irritation or rosacea flare-ups. However, more and more dermatologists now recognise that most greasy and oily formulations although stop the suns UV rays, often wash out the body’s own natural oils, leaving skin feeling dry and irritated after washing away the cream. Dr SPP SPF 50 Sunscreen has been formulated specifically to protect against UVA/UVB, IR, blue light and particle matter, with antioxidants and extracts to maintain the skins hydration. Dr SPP SPF 50 Sunscreen includes;

• Organic Filters:
A synergistic combination of organic filters that provides high broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection without the thick white cast and oily feel of traditional sun protection products.

• Green Tea Extract:
Green tea extract is well known for its soothing and anti-aging properties. Rich in antioxidants, it effectively protects the skin from damage caused by environmental aggressors. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce skin irritation, itching and redness. Coupled with its antimicrobial properties and ability to reduce excess sebum, it also helps to control bacterial growth and fight against acne.

• Sunflower Sprout and Tara Tannins Extract:
Organic sunflower sprouts and tara tannins combine to provide strong protection against the damaging and pro-aging effects of infrared, blue light and pollution. The excellent antioxidant capability of tara tannins effectively blocks IR and blue light-induced free radical formation, while sunflower sprouts protect skin collagen and support mitochondrial functions by helping to maintain energy production despite stress and ageing, thus helping the skin retain its density and firmness upon exposure to environmental stressors.

Dr SPP SPF 50 sunscreen has been formulated to be a lightweight, high protection sun cream against Ultraviolet and Infrared rays, providing both protection and nourishing moisture to your skin. This dual action approach ensures your skin is left feeling fresh and protected, utilising key active ingredients such as Green Tea, Tara Tannins and Sunflower Sprouts to promote the skin’s natural health. The benefits of long term use of Dr SPP SPF 50 sunscreen is that it can reduce the visual signs of ageing, preventing the skins deterioration, and also allow the photo-damaged skin to self-heal and repair over time, which can result in reversing or reduction on key the sign of ageing around the face, eyes and forehead.