About Dr SPP

Dr SPP is the premium brand for skincare products that heal, soothe, and protect irritated and sensitive skin. From cleansers and moisturisers to serums and sunscreens- we provide science-backed, hypoallergenic, clinical formulations, that deliver results and make your customer’s healthy skin dreams come true.

Mantra – Democratising Dermatology ( Making Dermatology more accessible to the average person)

It used to be that having access to a Qualified Dermatologist would require you to be able to fit into their heavily packed appointment schedule not to mention be able to afford the premium rate charges. Lets be honest , paying a visit to  consult a specialist physician is not a cheap affair.

With the prevalence of the recent pandemic, Clinics and Hospitals are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of patients seeking consultation.As it stands most patients  face the challenging issues of time and cost when seeking access to Quality Medical Care.

In Countries like China and India, dermatology encounters a significant number of challenges. In China for example, the total number of dermatologists number less than 30,000. Demographically, There are long-standing problems in such populous nations. such as the uneven distribution of high-quality doctors’ resources, basic level hospital doctors prone to misdiagnosis, and missed diagnosis and insufficient knowledge of rare diseases. Experienced clinicians need standardised training. As it stands, the current Healthcare System is buckling under to provide high-quality medical services for a large number of people. There is a large gap between supply and demand of doctor resources and the high cost of medical expenses. In such scenarios, medical AI technology can rely on the highly efficient computing ability and deep learning to provide high-quality medical services and solve the problem of the access to quality Dermatological care.

Dermatology is generally viewed as a profession that is mainly preoccupied with the aesthetic appearance. However to Dr Seah, it goes much more deeper than that . By helping a person to improve their skin condition and appearance, Dr Seah believes that you are empowering a person to develop self confidence and belief and in severe cases, giving them relief and setting them free from psychological as well as emotional pain and suffering. This can be attested to by many of his former patients who have experienced the symptoms and subsequent treatments received.

Dr Seah and his son James are aligned in the belief that regardless of your race, gender , appearance or socio-economic background, Everybody deserves to live a life filled with Love,self respect, self worthiness and compassion for one another. This is a standard that Dr Seah Pong Pin / Dr SPP strives to achieve each and every day.

Dr Seah Pong Pin / Dr SPP seeks to Democratise Dermatology by granting access to Dermatological care for everyone and also helping people to live more joyful and fulfilled lives through a splendid appearance and rejuvenated complexion . As Dr Seah went to his eternal home in 2015. Dr SPP and Dr Seah Pong Pin are 2 brands set up by his older son James to continue and honour his legacy .

In the spirit of honoring Dr Seah’s legacy, James has created the brand - Dr SPP

The brand features the premium skincare products based on the evolution and update of Dr. Seah’s insights, selection, and 30+ years-old original Clinical Formulations.

Although Dr Seah isn’t with us, we promise to keep his legacy alive by continuing to provide the best solutions and products for your skin concerns. Moving on, we will continue working with Quality Manufacturers and Licensees to build up the Brand Equity of Dr Seah Pong Pin / Dr SPP. 

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We have tested formulas for safety, efficacy, and hypoallergenic effects.

Packed in eco-friendly materials, we are bringing these dermatologically tested and laboratory certified formulas to you.

Together, we will make healed, hydrated, glowing, and rejuvenated skin a possibility for every man and woman.

Brand Story

Dr Seah Pong Pin (佘邦平医生), was a renowned doctor with a speciality in dermatology, build up over an extensive career. Dr Seah graduated with a Medical and surgical bachelor’s degree from the University of London in 1967. After graduating he worked in the department of neurology, dermatology and venereology in London’s’ St Marys Hospital where he obtained his MRCP (Member of the Royal College of Physicians), a prestigious honour for a new up and coming Doctor in the UK.

Dr Seah advanced his dermatological career with a registrar position in the skin department of St Marys Hospital, running the outpatient clinic, which exposed Dr Seah to the variety of common conditions faced by different patients. Fascinated by the skin and the lack of research into the fundamental processes governing skin health and the variety of conditions he saw, he volunteered to join the research team assisting in the examination of antibody status in groups of patients with dermatitis herpetiformis (HD). From here Dr Seah joined the UK Medical research council, which is famous for its work on anti-nuclear antibodies, parietal cells and muscle cell research. It was through this research that Dr SPP and his colleague discovered the reticulin antibody in their patients, a finding that was reported in the Lancet in 1971. This publication attracted a lot of attention and formed the basic screening test used to confirm the diagnosis of HD in dermatology patients. Dr Seah’s research into the functions of fundamentals of a variety of skin conditions lead him to pursue a PhD funded by the Wellcome Trust and Medical Research Council, where his expertise and passion for the subject of dermatology grew to new levels. 

Through Dr Seah Pong Pin PhD, he lead the profession in cutting edge research into skin health and function, meeting with the leading clinicians and scientists in dermatology, immunology and gastroenterology, where he was able to develop the fundamental concepts that he is now famous for. Through this research team, Dr Seah was able to publish over 30 research articles including five additional publications in the Lancet. In 1975 Dr Seah finished practicing and conducting research in the UK returned to Singapore, an expert clinical dermatologist and setting up his now famous dermatological practice, where he was often called on as a consultant at the National Skin Centre and a Senior Consultant at the Changi General Hospital. Through Dr Seah’s research into the skin, we now understand a great deal more about the skins function and mechanisms and it is through his experience in clinical practice and the founding principles of skin health which he was able to develop, that the Dr Seah Pong Pin / Dr SPP brand has been established as a benchmark in Dermatological Care. 

Brand Story

Living with a skin condition isn’t easy.

Building a reliable, result-oriented skincare routine when you have a skin condition is even more difficult.

Irritated skin, sensitive skin, eczema, acne or dermatitis impact your confidence and quality of life. Regular skincare products are not formulated to address these severe and persistent skin problems.

To address a specific skin issue, you need to use the appropriate skin solution.

Clinical Formulations
by a Dermatologist

Tried, Tested &

100% Hypoallergenic

Nutritive Ingredients for
Deeper Hydration


Our vision is simple: to win the trust, love, and loyalty of everyone who uses our products.

To that end, we take our promises very seriously. We make sure that the products we provide bring reliable and consistent results, so we can be the top choice of licensees and retailers.


Healing irritated, sensitive skin shouldn’t be complicated. Our mission is to help people bring out the healthiest version of their skin.

Core Value

Love & Care

We believe highest-trust relationships are built on love. As a dermatologist, Dr Seah Pong Pin showed genuine love and care for his patients. As a brand, Dr SPP is committed to keeping love and care as our important core values.


We don’t believe in big words. Instead, we focus on delivering the results we promise.


We design skin essentials keeping skin types, skin conditions, and unique needs in mind.


Every product and every formula are based on clinical formulations that are dermatologically tested and laboratory Certified.


We are proud to share our story and the details about our products. Building on the legacy of Dr SPP, we are committed and steadfast in leading with honesty and integrity at every step.


Everything that we do at Dr SPP is focused on the well being and comfort of our customers.

We believe that customers do not care about how much we know until they know how much we care.

Our clinical formulations are designed to show the results we promise, so you can heal your existing/recurrent skin conditions and enjoy healthy and hydrated skin.

Introducing Groundbreaking Innovation In The Skincare Industry: Dr SPP.

Built on the legacy of Dr Seah Pong Pin’s research and clinical dermatology expertise, Dr SPP is a premium skincare brand that features the perfect mix of science and nutritive ingredients to bring out the best version of your skin.

We are here to make skincare soothing and enjoyable

Our clinical formulations are packed with essential active ingredients that solve the most common skin concerns.

But that’s not all.

Thanks to the breakthrough product formulations by Dr Seah Pong Pin, you can heal your skin conditions, and enjoy soothed, hydrated, and healthy skin every day.

With his deep love for dermatology and passion to serve his patients, Dr. Seah created formulas with a new and fresh approach. Based on those formulas, our products not only address your skin problems but restore the skin barrier and nourish the deepest layers of skin.